New York State Fire Reporting Workshop

On Thursday evening, President Logan Barclay, Sergeant Daniel Batease II and several members of other fire companies in Fulton County attended a training by the New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control on the proper use of the New York State Fire Reporting System at the Pleasant Square fire station.

The New York State Fire Reporting System is the central data collection mechanism for more than 1,800 fire departments in the State. Incident reports from the fire service provide essential information about fires and their causes and consequences, as well as descriptive data about the many other types of emergency services fire departments provide to the community. The data can help the fire service devise ways to do its job better and help the community at large improve its overall fire protection system. It is possible to use fire data to draw conclusions about the adequacy of fire and building codes and consumer product safety and to measure the effects of fire safety education programs.