Back in 1950 a group of concerned and interested people in the Town of Johnstown understanding the problem of growth and expansion in the hamlet of Pleasant Square realized that a fire company was required for our safety and well being.

That group started meeting at Homer Meyers hardware store and gas station on East State Street Extension, most recently the Forresters Club, and began the process of forming a fire company. From this humble beginning the Pleasant Square Volunteer Fire Company was formed. Mac and Levi Parsons donated the land for the building and the members actual built it. This construction and the initial purchase of our pumper, a 1950 Dodge chassis with a Darley pump and fire body, was underwritten with a small loan from Mrs. Christie, a local resident who helped a lot of organizations in our area with their beginnings.

Today we have grown to have a pumper, pumper/tanker, mini pumper, and a brush truck. Along with several acres of property, again donated by the Parson’s estate.