7th Annual Fire Services Training Conference

President Logan Barclay and Lieutenant Gabe Acquilla attended the 7th Annual Fire Services Training Conference at the Academy of Fire Science in Montour Falls over the weekend.

Lieutenant Acquilla was recognized as the very first firefighter to register for the conference this year and awarded the original concept sketch for the conference promotional material.

President Barclay attended: Where Did All These Rules Come From? – Management and Administration of a Fire Department

Description: This program focuses on the “rules” for the successful management and administration of a fire department, no matter what the size. Whether the “rules” are actually laws, regulations, standards, best practices, or even your bylaws, they can be overwhelming and leaving you wondering where to start. This engaging program is designed to provide the “need to know” information for administrative officers, fire district commissioners, fire officers, or any interested leader from an authority having jurisdiction.

Lieutenant Acquilla attended: So You Are Chief, Now What?

Description: Stepping into the position of Chief is no easy task but this discussion based class can help you be better prepared. The class will look at a variety of different topics to make that transition a little less difficult. Basic laws, standards and best practices, the types of training and education for the position, methods of leadership, connecting with your subordinates, and so much more. Whether you have just became a chief, would like to be a chief one day, or are already a chief, the topics discussed in this class will help you to better guide your organization in a positive and forward direction.